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Our Leadership

We are a church in Donora, for Donora! My name is Philip Addison Pagliari and I was born and raised in Donora, PA
Philip A. Pagliari

Philip A. Pagliari

My name is Philip Addison Pagliari and I was born and raised in Donora, PA. I am married to my wife, Nialyn, and we have two children - a son, Raphael, and a daughter, Sola Fide. I am the pastor and church planter of The Valley Remnant Church. I have an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from Pittsburgh Technical Institute, a Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership Ministry from Geneva College, and have obtained a Master of Divinity degree from Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
I intend, by God’s grace, to tell all the people in Donora, PA about what Jesus has done to save His people from their sin. I am hopeful for the future, and eager to serve the Lord through preaching, teaching, discipling, counseling, and evangelism.

Praying For Leaders

I hope that you will join with us as we pray for more leaders at The Valley Remnant Church. We are praying earnestly for the blessing of multiple pastors. We see it as the Biblical model of the church to have multiple Shepherds that will help protect and and serve as they lead Gods people. We are also seeking qualified Deacons that will help in the service of the church and the community. We are praying that the Lord will raise up these men from the existing core group. If you have an interest please send us a message and well can schedule a time to chat.