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  • Is the doctrinal statement of the church clear and precise?

    The Valley Remnant Church uses the historic Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 as a concise representation of the fundamental Biblical doctrines held to by the leadership. 

  • What is the main preaching philosophy of the leadership?

    The main preaching philosophy of the leadership of The Valley Remnant Church is expository preaching. 

  • What is expository preaching?

    Expository preaching embodies the practice of presenting the meaning of a Bible passage entirely and precisely as it was intended by God.

  • Is there a membership class or any other requirement to fulfill prior to becoming a member?

    Yes, we are offering new members classes to inform and instruct new prospective members about the mission and vision as well as the orders and functions of the church. 

  • How is the music ministry of the church used?

    The music ministry of the church is used as a tool for worship and discipleship. The music selections are used to teach and allow us to get the Word of God into our hearts and minds.